Greetings general, Tzaneen SAPS continues with crime awareness campaigns through the airways. Sergeant Maurice Nkhwashu the communications officer conducted a live interview at Maruleng FM Studios in sekororo on Tuesday 2021-08-03 between 11:00 and 12:00 noon. Content shared with the listeners included the following:
  • Wanted suspects of armed robbery, rape, abduction as well as a 26 year old escaped detainee Khutso Malatji.
  • To report crimes to the police instead of running to social media.
  • Suggestion box and dangers of hitchhiking.
  • Job scams.
  • Urging the youth to watch the ongoing Olympic games to learn more about other sporting codes and
  • to make a career out of such sports as competitors.
  • Administrators or even as scouts.
  • Get vacinated.
  • Partnership pilicing.
  • Question and answer session.
Important contact numbers:
General Enquiries: 082 819 1058
Sergeant Maurice Nkhwashu
Tzaneen SAPS communication officer. Email:
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